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    At its business premises in Bicske, Vivber Kft. is engaged in the manufacturing of metal structures, cable assemblies and harnesses, surface treatment, and the assembling of electrical switchgears. The plant consists of a production floor on a total area, complete with offices and social facilities, a paint shop, as well as two logistics halls 

    Satisfying the high quality requirements of our target market, the railway industry for decades, a large proportion of our products are exported to EU countries. The supplier change of each division also consists of qualified partners, which ensures a high standard in terms of the quality of the services and products.

    Company Group

    The secure economic background, technical and professional preparedness and experiences of the companies constituting the VIV Group, combined with the capacities of the plant in Bicske, make us a suitable and secure partner in a diversity of projects in building construction, industrial facilities and electricity supply, including the implementation of turnkey solutions, as general/principal or specialized contractors.

    The VIV Group is engaged in general/principal contracting, manufacturing, specialized contracting and maintenance activities in Hungary and other countries of the European Union, in the areas of industrial applications, the energy sector and building installations, and it also participates in the implementation of projects requiring special preparation and experiences, for example, in connection with airports, military facilities and urban public transport.

    In the course of the implementation of projects, we also perform design tasks, including specialized consultancy, or the preparation of concepts, permitting and implementation plans.

    In line with the expectations of our customers, we also undertake maintenance and operation activities with respect to the systems and facilities implemented.

    Corporate culture

    By introducing the present integrated policy, the management of VIVBER Kft. undertakes an obligation to draw up, adopt and maintain an efficient system. Through the monitoring of the processes, making recommendations, and performing their work in an economical and professionally well-established manner, our employees provide high-quality products and services for our customers.

    In the interest of the above, also with the support of our employees, we shall:

    - direct our activities by enhancing our performance in the area of environmental protection and by properly managing our processes involving burdens on the environment;

    - comply with the relevant provisions of law and resolutions related to company management, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, energy performance and consumption, as well as other obligations undertaken by our company;

    - remain committed to the performance of the requirements, the prevention of environmental pollution, personal injuries and health damage, as well as the continuous enhancement of energy efficiency and the effectiveness of the management system;

    - maintain and raise the awareness of our employees toward issues of quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and energy efficiency by way of providing regular training in these areas. We shall familiarize all employees with our policy;

    - at our management meetings, monitor the operation of the management system, the environmental performance, as well as the occupational health and safety situation of our organization, determine our energy-related targets and objectives, and make adjustments where necessary;

    - promote the compliance of our subcontractors and suppliers with our guidelines by supporting their training, regularly evaluating their work and providing them with all relevant information; devote particular attention to energy-related issues in the course of our purchasing and investment processes, and support the procurement of energy efficient products and services;

    - set quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, as well as energy-related targets for ourselves, and conduct regular audits to check compliance and monitor the efficiency of the above.


    VIV Group

    VIV (short for “Villanyszerelőipari Vállalat) was established in 1963 through the consolidation of four companies, which were already successful in their own right. The consolidation was aimed at establishing higher technical standards and improving the economic efficiency of production, taking into consideration the following principles: reduction of the construction and installation time of facilities, quality improvement and compliance with the technological instructions. The activities of VIV included the implementation of the electrical systems of industrial facilities, the complete electrical equipment of municipal buildings, overhead line networks and cable networks. The companies of the Group were established by the management, the engineers, as well as other white collar and physical workers of VIV, with an aim to provide high-quality services in the electrical assembling industry.

    VIVBER Kft.

    The professional predecessor of VIVBER Kft. was established by Villanyszerelőipari Vállalat (VIV) in 1963, as a manufacturing base for the production and distribution of electrical equipment. It was from this manufacturing base of electrical field equipment and switchgears that VIVBER Kft. was formed in Bicske in December 1996.

    Within a short time, after taking over the entire range of products and services of the old company, as well as a significant proportion of its employees, VIVBER Kft. has evolved into a manufacturing base employing 150 persons.

    As the new business premises of the company, the current plant ­– consisting of a production floor on a total area of 3,600 m2 complete with offices and social premises, a 1,200 m2 paint shop, as well as two logistics halls of 600 m2 floor space – was built in 1998 in Tatai Street in Bicske.

    We conduct our activities organized in four independent, but also necessarily cooperating divisions: electrical equipment manufacturing, metal structures manufacturing, cable confectioning, and surface treatment. We export the majority of our products to the most developed countries of the European Union.


    Areas of specialization

    What industries we supply for:

    VIVBER Kft. Located in Bicske, the company is engaged in the assembling and distribution of electrical switchgears, the manufacturing of metal structures, surface treatment, as well as the manufacturing of cable assemblies, using state-of-the-art technological equipment.